How to be a good sugar daddy bitch and accept degrading kink
30 Jul 2022

How to be a good sugar daddy bitch and accept degrading kink

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Many people don’t know what a degrading kink is. What is the difference between a sexual fantasy and something that could be considered a sexual fetish? How can you tell if your partner will be open to it? Continue reading to learn all about degrading kink.

First, what exactly is degrading kink?

It’s when your partner expects that you perform a certain act with them. If you do this, it is considered degrading kink. Degrading kink also includes kissing them goodnight after a bedroom encounter. It is important to understand that if your partner calls you “degrading kink”, it means they expect you to have sex with them. Even if you’re just giving them oral sex, they will consider it degrading.

How can you let your partner know it is okay to make fun of them?

There are many options. You can tell them that it is okay for them to be degraded. You can even tell them that it feels great to you. Be open and honest with them; they need to know that you respect them and that they are not helpless. Your actions will speak volumes about you.

You can also tell your partner that you have a beautiful body

It doesn’t matter how long or how broad it is if they have a beautiful body. This will definitely earn you brownie points with your partner and make it easier to get them in the mood for some good dirty talk. It’s best to make someone feel inferior. However, there is a fine line drawn here.

Finding a place where you feel comfortable with degrading kink is key

For example, if you can feel a bit embarrassed about it, then it’s okay to do it in private. Don’t feel like you have to do it all the time. Sometimes it’s better not to make someone miserable than to do it all the time.

It is important to remember that your actions will dictate how you talk to your partner about degrading your kink. Don’t worry about what they will say or how they will react. Let them feel the degrading sensations and take their lead. This will get them in the mood for some hot, sultry and dirty sex!